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TCR105 PODCAST – How to create a choir twinning workshop


If you read and enjoyed our article about our choir’s twinning workshop with One Voice, you’ll love this podcast, in which we take a deeper dive into the planning and construction of the event.

Victoria Hopkins

Victoria is a founder and director of Total Choir Resources. She leads Total Voice Chamber Choir in the UK.

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Jacky Ayres - 9 months ago Reply

Thank you for an excellent podcast! It was really informative. I have wanted to “twin” with another choir for some time , but didn’t know how to go about it in a way that would be more structured. This has helped a lot – so I thank you 😊

    Christine Mulgrew
    Christine Mulgrew - 9 months ago Reply

    Thanks Jacky,

    Sounds like the podcast was the perfect subject for you. Good luck with creating a twinning, let us know how you get on.

Chris Hall - last year Reply

Thanks for an excellent podcast :-) We’ve managed to team up with a couple of choirs for performances, but not yet managed to work out a daylong get together/workshop. This podcast has given me some fresh ideas to explore, so thank you :-)

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