TCR092 PODCAST – Top tips to prepare for a new choir season

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  1. Avatar Lois Johnston says:

    Thank you Victoria, I have a small Ladies’ choir and we started back this week knowing that we have a slot in a concert with an orchestra in early October and a Christmas Concert in the local Library.
    I decided to try to do the songs without the words and music in front of the singers because there will be very little space for the October concert and have chosen songs they have sung before. Our first rehearsal went very well and hopefully we will manage it although I stressed that if we can’t then it is no big deal! I have tried to take notice of what you and Christine have said about conducting the choir you have rather than the choir you would like and so far everyone seems happy and enthusiastic enough. However, I do find it difficult to find arrangements of new material set for two or maximum three parts which suit an age range of between 30 and 85! If you have any suggestions i would be so pleased!

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      Hi Lois. Check out Alan Simmons Music. They have lots of SAB arrangements and other voicings.

  2. Avatar Leslie Coutsouridis says:

    Thanks so much for motivating me to get started with all these aspects of starting the new season. I’ve decided to simplify things even more since my church choir of 15 must perform a different anthem every Sunday. I’ve got some ideas already, but the stress last year actually led to a total verbal quarrel at the front of the sanctuary 6 minutes before service.
    I also now have no altos who will sit in the front row of 3 seats because they are all fearful of falling without something in front to hold on to. And I had really come up with the best placement for sections last year.
    Thanks ,

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      Leslie, it sounds like you have your work cut out for you! Well done for keeping things together through some difficult times. The seating issue is an unusual one. Perhaps you could talk to the church about getting some sort of rail installed if the choir feels precarious in the front row?

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