TCR059 | PODCAST – How to be a confident choir leader in the face of criticism


In this episode, we discuss how to overcome your fear of criticism and how to handle criticism when you receive it.



    Victoria Hopkins

    Victoria is a founder and director of Total Choir Resources. She leads Total Voice Chamber Choir in the UK.

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    Esby Ramsey - 3 years ago Reply

    Fantastic advice, for this last-minute, newly-hired replacement of a church choir director (of 40 years). This is therapeutic advice, actually: the choir I have inherited involves different age groups, skill sets and experience. I am an outsider looking in here in this environment. Thank you!

      Victoria Hopkins - 3 years ago Reply

      You’re welcome Esby. You’d be amazed how often we hear similar stories of choir leaders who’ve fallen into the role almost accidentally. We wish you the very best of luck.

    hunter valdez - 4 years ago Reply

    thanks for the info

    Kate Gallaher - 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you, ladies, this is great advice!

      Victoria Hopkins - 4 years ago Reply

      Thanks Kate.

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