TCR046 | PODCAST – Money Matters Part 2: sensible financial manangement for your choir

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  1. Avatar Beatrice says:

    Hello ladies, just wanted to ask you – what do you usually do with the money that you earn as a choir – for example for some singing at a wedding or event or the money you raise during the fundraising concerts?

    It would be also great to hear some thoughts on your workshops, how you do them and what happens at workshops, etc. Many thanks! :-)

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      Money is always a tricky subject! Christine and I run our choirs as a business, so it’s fairly simple that money earned by the choir goes in the general coffers. Having said that, we have to make sure that we stay aware of a couple of issues. If we do any charitable fundraising, for example a performance in conjunction with a charity, obviously any funds raised go to the charity (although sometimes we’re able to cover our costs). Sometimes, we’ve done gigs that leave us a bit out of pocket (eg paying an accompanist) so that the choir has the opportunity to do something fun.

      The second issue is professional fees earned by the choir. We haven’t needed to address this yet with our choirs (we tend to receive a small fee that barely covers the costs of putting the performance on), but we discussed the issue in podcast episode 14, and it’s covered in our Choir Starter Kit book. If your singers are amateurs, but your choir earns professional fees, particularly substantial fees as might be the case for a wedding or corporate party, my view is that you need to be upfront about where that money’s going. Perhaps it could be used to buy new equipment or subsidise a trip. If I had a small sub-group of singers performing at a wedding, I’d probably split the fee between them. I think there’s an inherent tension between asking amateur singers to behave like professionals (in terms of commitment and performance, eg for a wedding) but not paying them. Ultimately, as with all things associated with your choir, if you act with integrity and openness, I think you’ll be fine.

      On the subject of workshops, check out these articles: Workshop Planning 101 and How to Run a Vocal Workshop, and this podcast: Give you Singers a Boost with Sectional Workshops. I think you’ll find the answers to all your questions there.

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