TCR040 | PODCAST – Handling difficult situations in your choir without losing your cool

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  1. Avatar Dorothy says:

    I enjoyed the difficult people part of your podcast today, especially as I encounter such periodically in my choir. I run a Spanish choir in a small seaside town in Green Spain, and am one of the few outsiders to be involved. As well as dealing with everyone in Spanish, not my native language, many members have had little education other than the most basic and are na├»ve in terms of how to behave in a group. I totally agree with everything you detail: Remaining true to the ethos of your choir; behaving as a role model for choir members; timely interventions aiming to nip situations in the bud, which gives strong signals to others; calmness within oneself; accepting that very occasionally we have to say goodbye to someone – my motto is “Everyone’s important, no-one’s indispensable”. Looking forward to your next podcast!

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      Thank you so much for that insight, Dorothy. I love the motto!

  2. Avatar Beatrice says:

    Thank for a really helpful podcast! I have been suffering for a long time not knowing how to handle certain situations whereas I could have dealt with them there and then and could have spared myself and the choir a few tensions. We’re all learning and I feel I feel more empowered now to deal with difficult situations even at a cost of losing a member of a choir. Sometimes it’s necessary to keep going on and keep the choir healthy. Thank you!!!

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      Thanks for your great comment Beatrice.

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