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Other people's books

We're often asked about the books we read to inspire us. We have used, or currently use, everything here and we highly recommend them.

Anne Peckham
The Contemporary Singer

Anne Peckham - The Contemporary Singer

John Bertalot - How to be a successful
choir director

John Bertalot - How to be a Successful Choir Director

Kings Singers
Rounds, Canons & Partsongs

King's Singers Book of Rounds, Canons & Partsongs

Anne Peckham's book is a bible for contemporary singers and it's one of Christine's go-to texts. It's fantastic for giving coherent, easily understood explanations of how our singing voices work, and it's packed with great tips and ideas for when you're planning rehearsals and workshops.

This little book got Victoria started as a choir leader. It's aimed specifically at church choir leaders, so there are a few references that might not apply to you if you're leading a secular choir, but the central teaching is so sound that it doesn't matter at all.

Victoria picks up this book virtually every week when planning rehearsals and workshops. There's a huge range of rounds and songs that will entertain and challenge your singers.

John Bertalot
Teaching adults to sight-sing

John Bertalot - Teaching Adults to Sight Sing

If you sing at sight with relative ease, it's easy to forget that most singers find sight-singing an absolute nightmare. This book gives you a system to use to encourage singers to develop their music-reading skills. It's also an excellent resource for planning workshops.

Other stuff

Some bits of kit are absolutely indispensible. 

Rat Stands Jazz Stand

Rat Stands - jazz stand

Okay, this is not the cheapest music stand option, but it's fantastic for the choir leader on the go, and both Christine and Victoria use these for every rehearsal and workshop.

The beauty of the jazz stand is that it folds up flat and fits into a shoul´╗┐´╗┐der bag (which you have to buy separately, unfortunately, but which is well worth the extra cash). It's also very light, and both the stand and tray can be set at whatever height and angle you like.

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