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I am really enjoying my course. The structure, notes, workbook, videos are really excellent. The tutor is really clear and structured and it's just great. Keep it up.

Jenna, Qatar

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Basic Conducting Technique

From posture and hand position to expression, dynamics and pauses, you’ll learn the physical vocabulary of conducting that will enable you to give concise visual instructions to your choir and achieve the musical results you want.

Rehearsal Planning

Our Rehearsal Planning course is a comprehensive programme that will give you the skills you need to plan effective and enjoyable rehearsals for your choir, week after week. Packed with practical tools, this course will take your choir rehearsals to a new level.

Warm-ups & Exercises

This course gets to the heart of the skills that choir leaders use week in, week out. With lessons on vocal health, team-building and musical improvement, this course will help you to build development into every choir rehearsal.

Repertoire & Score Preparation

Not just for choir leaders who use printed scores. Whether you’re singing madrigals or Motown, this course will help you assess whether a piece is suitable for your choir and plan how best to teach, practise and rehearse it. This is the day to day work of choir leaders all over the world. Mastering the skills in this course will save you time and boost your choir’s enjoyment.

Rehearsal Technique

This course will put you in the driving seat of your choir rehearsals, giving you clear strategies for staying on track, handling questions, rehearsing vocal skills and developing your choir’s musicianship.

Performance Technique

This course will take you step by step through the skills that you and your choir need to create fantastic performances: assessing performances spaces, planning formations, behaviour on stage, receiving applause and handling mistakes and problems.

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