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I love the accompanying tools and resources. Sometimes it’s hard to translate text into actions. You have solved this by creating these fantastic tools.

Michael, Australia

Our ebooks

The Little Book of Choir Warm-ups

The Little Book of Choir Warm-ups is exactly what its title suggests, containing fun, easy to use warm-up ideas that will inspire your choir and get them ready to sing. Your next warm-up session sorted – for the price of a cup of coffee!

Choir Tweaks:

Fast fixes for common choir problems

This practical ebook gives you solutions for many common choir problems that you can implement at your next rehearsal.

Choir Starter Kit

The Choir Starter Kit is a unique product for choir leaders and managers that gives you the information and resources you need to build a brand new choir from the ground up.

Community Choir Essentials

This mini-ebook series covers a wealth of practical strategies that we use in our rehearsals to improve all these aspects of our community choir without using technical terms and fancy language.