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Managing your choir

There's so much to do when you run a choir! With simple systems, careful planning and clever tweaks, you can ensure that your singers have a great experience, and you don't end up tearing your hair out.



FREE DOWNLOAD - Rehearsal Planner

Planning rehearsals is one of the core tasks of every choir leader. This simple tool shows you how to cover all the work you need to, keep the pace moving and finish on time!

Ready for more?

If you're itching to get your choir off the ground, check out our Choir Starter Kit. It's a step-by-step guide to building every aspect of a new choir.

This comprehensive ebook is perfect for anyone who dreams of leading a choir, but has no idea where to start. It takes you from the “blue skies” early planning stages right through to the nuts and bolts of crafting your first performance.

And if you’re already leading a choir, this is a great reviewing tool to reinvigorate your choir leading and management skills.

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