How to create a celebration rehearsal for your choir

Every now and then you may have something special to celebrate with your choir. Perhaps your choir has reached an anniversary, one of your members has achieved something momentous, or maybe it’s just the end of a great season. Whatever the occassion, it’s possible to create something special while keeping on track with your rehearsal. Here are some ideas.

Party lights

Nothing says party or special occassion like fairy lights! Flourescent lights just aren’t the same. Gather what you have at home or ask some members to bring supplies and arrive a little early to rehearsal to create a magical twinkly setting for your choir which will have a real wow factor when people arrive. Of course, it’s important that the soft lighting does allow people to see themselves to their seats.

The added bonus of this idea is that it will be more difficult to see lyrics or read music so it’s perfect for those rehearsals when you want everyone to commit to singing from memory.

Warm-up the party

Focus on fun teambuilding warm-ups in the rehearsal. Rounds with actions are great fun, or get your singers creating their own masterpiece with some improvisation.

Take a cake break

Delicious cake is a big part of any celebration. Involve your singers and get baking for a splendid half time selection. The promise of cake will certainly get them working hard in the rehearsal. Allow yourself enough space to lay out cakes and enlist a couple of helpers to help make sure everyone gets served quickly and efficiently. While you may wish to have an extended break, you don’t want it eating (pardon the pun) into too much rehearsal time. If you are keen to raise money for charity, you could even have a donation box.

Sing some old favourites

A special night calls for special songs. Choose half a dozen songs from your repertoire that your choir loves and are easy to remember, particularly if you haven’t sung them for a while. Mix everyone up towards the end of the rehearsal for an added social element and have a good sing through. If the event is for a specific singer, you could ask them in advance to choose a couple of their favourites.

Take some snaps

A party is the perfect time to capture your choir with your camera. Fun group shots or social pictures are great fun and always look good on your website.

Comments on How to create a celebration rehearsal for your choir

  1. Avatar Todd says:

    Great ideas here. The singers really enjoyed playing “people bingo” at our Fall gathering. They asked if we were going to do it again this March, but I said no. They were a bit crestfallen. Instead, we played a game of charades, dividing up the choir into 5 groups of 4 or 5 people. Each group got the same song title from our hymnal and they had a blast competing against each other. They didn’t want to stop until they had emptied my envelope full of titles. That fun spirit carried us through the whole day’s gathering.

    1. Christine Mulgrew Christine Mulgrew says:

      Thanks Todd, that sounds like great fun.

  2. Avatar Maddie Cordes says:

    Thanks Christine. I have also played a game where you have to find someone by one of their interests or skills in the break – gets them talking to new people etc – and what worked well one time was choir members bringing different soft drinks like elderflower cordial or something homemade as well as the cakes – i have had a cake made for a choir anniversary and had a cutting ceremony and shared with members

    1. Christine Mulgrew Christine Mulgrew says:

      Thanks Maddie, some great ideas here.

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