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Thank you for a most brilliant website and podcast. The printable download sheets (warm-ups) are superb as is the rest of your content. It is fantastically useful to revisit and refresh areas - like score prep - that I felt I could really do with going over thoroughly. It cements learning and answers questions that I frequently ask myself.

I particularly enjoy listening to the podcasts (several times!) The tone and content are spot on. Many congratulations to you and Christine for a great idea, brilliantly executed.

Helen, UK

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to providing all us lone choir leaders with resources, advice, ideas and information to reflect upon. Your website also has the effect of making me feel like part of a choir leading community which is a lovely thing when you work by yourself. Your website is a fantastic resource for me.

Alyss, Manchester, UK

Thanks for your great website. It's been a real treasure trove over the past few months.

Tom, UK