Create an awesome 
Open Rehearsal in 5 days 

Take the challenge and grow your choir!

Why create an open rehearsal?

Open rehearsals are a great way to recruit new singers and grow your choir.

But there's an art to this! In this fantastic, practical 5 day challenge, we'll guide you through all the issues to consider when you're planning an awesome open rehearsal.

What to expect

Over 5 days, you'll receive emails from us containing practical, manageable action steps, suggestions and templates.

When you finish the challenge, you'll have a complete plan for your awesome open rehearsal and a date in the diary!

What we'll cover

We'll be tackling ethos, timing, budget, venue, content and repertoire - all the things you need to consider to make an open rehearsal a huge hit, both with your loyal choir members and your prospective newbies.

Who is it for?

Anyone who's running a community choir and wants to recruit new members, AND anyone who's thinking of starting a community choir (an open rehearsal is a great launch event).


If you've been following Total Choir Resources for a while, you already know us - we're Victoria and Christine. We're community choir leaders and founders of Total Choir Resources, which has been helping choir leaders to build their skills, boost their confidence and get ideas and inspiration for their choirs since 2012. We launched Community Choir Professionals in 2018 to help people who want to build a career in leading choirs.

We're really excited to invite you to participate in this 5 day challenge. 

Let's work together!

So join us for this amazing challenge and let's create some choir joy around the world!


Will I have to do tons of work?

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

What if it's not the right time for me or my choir to do an open rehearsal?

What if I have another question?