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5 great festive warm-ups and activities for your choir

As Christmas approaches you may, like me, have noticed an extra buzz in rehearsals. Christmas repertoire seems to bring out the seasonal cheer in singers. While you prepare your repertoire for December performances, why not also include some festive warm-up ups and activities in your rehearsals. Here are five fun ideas: Ho, ho, ho There […]

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Choral conducting – being expressive versus being clear

I’ll never forget the conducting advice I received from a friend when I was starting my choir. She simply and rather mysteriously said ‘you will find your way’. I don’t have a ‘way’, I thought, but sure enough before long I was waving my arms around with the best of them finding ways to communicate what […]

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5 tips for keeping your choir’s attention in rehearsals

Keeping your choir’s attention throughout a rehearsal can be challenging sometimes. There can be times when noise levels begin to rise and singers don’t seem to be as focused as you’d like them to be. Don’t take offence, this is in many ways the nature of any group of people brought together for an acivity. […]

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The awesome benefits of mixing up voices in your choir

Most choirs have sections of voice types to which their members usually belong. Perhaps your choir is SATB, SAA, TTB or any other of the numerous combinations available. You may have noticed that in any group of people subdivided into smaller groups, interesting patterns can start to occur. On the positive side, new relationships are formed, […]

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How to stay true to a composer’s intentions

In his 1981 book The Composer’s Advocate, Erich Leinsdorf proposed a philosophy of musical performance based on three premises:- 1. Great composers knew what they wanted. 2. The interpreter must have the means at his disposal to grasp the composer’s intentions. 3. Music must be read with knowledge and imagination – without necessarily believing every […]

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Quick tips to get your community choir thinking, not just copying

We often talk in our articles and podcasts about the benefits of involving your choir in the rehearsal process by asking questions rather than just giving orders. For example, rather than just saying ‘the blend isn’t right’, we can ask ‘was the blend right in that section? If not, what needs to be adjusted?’ This approach helps […]

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