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5 great tips for raising musical standards in your choir

As choir leaders, we are always striving to produce the best possible sound with our choirs. Whatever type of choir you lead, there’s always something more to learn and something that can be improved. The trick is to inspire your singers into achieving greatness rather than to nag or chastise them, which will only end […]

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How to stay cool & composed when you perform with your choir

During a performance it’s the choir who are ultimately on stage to shine, however as conductors we are an imporatant part of this process and how we conduct ourselves during a performance reflects on our own professionalism and ultimately that of the choir. In a way each time we step out in front of our […]

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Quick tips for tackling new music with your choir

Introducing new music to your choir is all about balance. You know there’s going to be a learning curve, but you want to make sure that all your rehearsals are enjoyable. Here are my quick tips for getting the balance right. Do your homework A successful introduction of new music will depend largely on how […]

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How to choose new songs for your contemporary choir

With such a wealth of great music out there, it can sometimes be hard to narrow choices down for your choir. Whether you decide on all the repertoire yourself or involve your choir by asking them for suggestions, here are a few things to consider. The performance venue If you are choosing repertoire for a […]

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A sparkling weekend of Barbershop!

It was a great honour for Victoria and I to be invited to the LABBS Annual Convention and European Barbershop Convention at the Bournemouth International Centre in the UK. Total Choir Resources follower Deborah Lamble, who also happens to be the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers Chairman, kindly extended a warm welcome and an […]

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5 great festive warm-ups and activities for your choir

As Christmas approaches you may, like me, have noticed an extra buzz in rehearsals. Christmas repertoire seems to bring out the seasonal cheer in singers. While you prepare your repertoire for December performances, why not also include some festive warm-up ups and activities in your rehearsals. Here are five fun ideas: Ho, ho, ho There […]

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Choral conducting – being expressive versus being clear

I’ll never forget the conducting advice I received from a friend when I was starting my choir. She simply and rather mysteriously said ‘you will find your way’. I don’t have a ‘way’, I thought, but sure enough before long I was waving my arms around with the best of them finding ways to communicate what […]

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