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Building your skills

Leading a choir takes a wide-ranging set of skills. As well as the musical side of things, in rehearsal and performance, there's people management, financial planning and the dreaded admin to consider. This section of the site is devoted to the skills you need to lead your choir with confidence and give your singers everything they need to get the most out of their choir experience.



FREE DOWNLOAD - Intervals Cheat Sheet

This super-simple cheat sheet gives you well-known melodies to use as a reminder of all the intervals in the scale. You'll find yourself returning to it again and again as you lead your choir.

Ready for more?

If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, why not check out our Rehearsal Technique online course?

This course will put you in the driving seat of your choir rehearsals, giving you clear strategies for staying on track, handling questions, rehearsing vocal skills and developing your choir's musicianship.

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