Finding CONNECTION to take your choir-leading career into the future

Having a successful community choir business, active and thriving, is highly rewarding. As a choir leader, you work at the heart of your community. You get to be creative, offer opportunities to your singers and see how much they and their audiences enjoy it all.

So how can you ensure that you sustain and grow your business into the future? How will you stay inspired and create new experiences for you and your singers?

We think it's all down to CONNECTION. As choir leaders, over time, we need connection in different ways. We need connection with ourselves so we're focusing on the right things. We need connection with our our communities to keep our businesses strong. We need connection with our singers to understand their perspective and we need connection with others in our industry to find support and possibility.

That's why, when we started creating our membership, we knew that CONNECTION would be a vital part of our four core training courses on becoming a community choir leader.

At the heart of the membership is the COMMUNITY - a forum for all members to connect, help and support each other. This is an amazing resource for choir leaders at all stages of their career and the fact that everyone is at different stages makes it richer. For success and longevity we believe connection is vital, particularly in a career which can be solitary.

We came up with a course that acknowledges the success and potential of a well established choir business, and building on that ways in which people can ensure it's sustainable for the future. Our aim? To provide practical, well-thought out strategies for long-term survival, to encourage connections with others and be mindful of existing systems and how well they serve you.

In CONNECTION you'll find:

Creating long term success that fulfils you A look at how we can sustain our own long-term happiness, satisfaction and balance whilst also making sure we are appreciating what's happening in the present.

Find your tribe A lesson of two parts - the benefit of connecting with other choir leaders in the membership and also other choir leaders or musicians in your local area. We look at great ways to collaborate, support and find help from others. This can open up so much opportunity and fresh ideas.

Survive and thrive Here we look at taking your choir business into the future and keeping it thriving so that things are always moving forward and not stagnant. We consider the importance of not becoming complacent, listening to your singers and being confident in the decisions you make for your business.

Since we started the membership, we’ve already seen our members benefit from these newly developed skills through our courses and it’s been amazing to interact with them on the many issues which come up and hear about their experiences and dreams for the future. We’re super honoured and proud to be able to help others on their choir-leading journey as we know from our own experience just how rewarding this job is.
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