Time-saving savvy systems to help you get COORDINATED as a choir leader

Ever feel like you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of choir admin? You're not alone! When you've built a successful choir with lots of drive and performance opportunities, it's fantastic, but things can get pretty busy!

Before you know it you're consumed by just keeping on top of the day to day running of the business and there's no time for new projects, or just some time to yourself.

The danger here is that things can start to become repetitive to the point that you start to feel uninspired and overwhelmed by choir member queries and requests, rehearsal planning, repertoire selection, event organising, not to mention the mechanics of the business: accounts, insurance, venue bookings etc, etc.

We know these feelings well. Juggling the different aspects of a choir business can be tough and often the urgent things can stop you giving enough time and thought to the future.

Our own discovery of ways to create balance has been the outcome of some pretty busy and crazy times! Thankfully, we've found some great time-saving systems and ways of looking at the BIG picture that have come to the rescue.

That's why, when we started creating our membership, we knew COORDINATION had to be part of our four core training courses on becoming a community choir leader.

With COORDINATION, we've created a course to help our members to carve out a well-organised business which leaves time for dreaming and developing! Our aim? To offer streamlined tried and tested systems that work and allow space for business development but also family, friends and other commitments.

Here's what we cover in COORDINATION:

What's going on right now? We think it's important to start any process of change by looking at what's going on now and reflecting on the areas where change may be needed. This module is a workbook where members can look at all aspects of what they're currently doing.

Hassle-free communication strategies you need right now! A look at how we relay information to our singers, some of the common problems which occur and how to create a central point for all communication.

Get your financial ducks in a row Here we talk money! Sometimes an uncomfortable subject but vital to support a thriving business. We look at smart ways to keep on top of things, create practical systems and not get caught out by finances.

This is mega! Change your choir-leading life today If we had to choose one thing that's revolutionised the way we run our business this would be it! Batching is an effective and streamlined way of staying on top and carving out time for other things. Here we show you how to do it.

Since we started the membership, we’ve already seen our members benefit from these newly developed skills through our courses and it’s been amazing to interact with them on the many issues which come up when starting a choir. We’re super honoured and proud to be able to help others on their choir-leading journey.
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