How to develop CONFIDENCE in your choir-leading skills

So maybe you've been running your choir for a little while now. Things are going well and you're starting to feel a warm sense of familiarity and success. You're getting to know your singers and you feel the team bonding, perhaps you've even performed locally to a positive response.

When you start a choir, it's important to actually start the process before you can fully understand your path of development. Sure, you can learn conducting skills and business management skills in advance, but there's nothing quite like direct experience to help you grow.

Once you have started your journey, you will evolve as a choir leader, finding strengths in your knowledge, personality and skills that are valuable, but also finding challenges to overcome. We remember this early phase well. Despite having a growing choir business, we still found ourselves second-guessing decisions, trying to please everyone all the time, and feeling that we were ill-equipped to deal with difficult situations.

Over the years, we developed through this experience, learning from situations we encountered. We came to understand the value of directing our own mindset. We learned to identify what's important, what matters and, most importantly, that we didn't need to be perfect.

That's why, when we created our membership, we knew that CONFIDENCE needed to be at the heart of our core training on becoming a community choir leader.

Our aim? To help choir leaders assess their strengths, but also overcome challenges as they build and develop their community choir business.

The topics we chose for CONFIDENCE:

How are you doing? To start with a multiple choice questionnaire helping choir leaders to assess where they are at today and how they feel in their role as choir leader. We feel it's important to know where you are now before looking at where you want to go.

Quick wins with long-term results Three big strategies to help keep rehearsals on track which are simple to implement but have lasting results.

How to handle difficult situations with confidence and calm A look at the type of tricky or disruptive situations which can occur in rehearsal and preparing choir leaders to deal with them and keep rehearsals positive and on track.

Create your choir ethos This is all about mindset and knowing what you are and what you aren't both as a choir leader and as a choir. There's great power and confidence which comes from addressing your ethos.

Since we started the membership, we’ve already seen our members benefit from these newly developed skills through our courses and it’s been amazing to interact with them on the many issues which come up when starting a choir. We’re super-honoured and proud to be able to help others on their choir-leading journey as we remember exactly what it was like as we built our choir business.
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