The importance of finding CLARITY as you start your choir-leading career

So you've made that BIG decision - you're going to start a choir. You feel excited and inspired. You have so many ideas about what your choir will be but how do you make this a reality?

Aside from all those practical elements, such as when and where the choir will meet, there are so many considerations to take into account. How will you lead a rehearsal? How will you communicate the music to your choir? What level of skill do you need to have before you start?

Asking yourself these questions can quickly become overwhelming, a feeling we remember very well from our early days as choir leaders. We had bags of passion and excitement but little idea how to shift this into a practical plan for creating rehearsals that would yield results and engage and develop our singers.

Now, as experienced choir leaders looking back, we can see those core skills that matter most when you start out leading your choir and sort them from the many, many other skills that develop and become important as you move forward with your choir leading career.

That's why when we started creating our membership, we knew that CLARITY had to be at the top of the list for our core courses on becoming a community choir leader. What are those key things that choir leaders need to know when they start out so that they can focus on those and avoid complete overwhelm?

What we came up with was a fantastic, focused course on four key areas which would provide a foundation to anyone starting out as a choir leader helping them to create good practice from the start. Our aim - to take away some of that uncertainty, self doubt and the feeling of finding your way in the dark which we'd experienced all those years ago.

The core skills we chose for CLARITY:

What are you saying to your choir without saying a word? A beginners guide to conducting taking you through the practice and how to create simple clear signals for your choir to interpret.

Utterly foolproof, super-easy tips to communicate with your choir. Focusing on the process of teaching in rehearsal looking at the language you use, how to avoid overwhelm and engage your singers from the start.

So what's the big deal with warm-ups? Afirst step into the process of creating great warm-ups for your choir which help with team-building as well as focusing on techniques which will compliment their song learning.

This is the truth about you as a choir leader. A look at the mindset side of choir-leading and focusing on the skills you already have and what being YOU brings to your choir.

Since we started the membership, we've already seen our members benefit from these newly developed skills through our courses and it's been amazing to interact with them on the many issues which come up when starting a choir. We're super honoured and proud to be able to help others on their choir-leading journey as we remember exactly what it was like starting out.
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