Recharge your batteries! Enjoying time away from choir

For many choir leaders, summer sees a break from the routine of weekly choir rehearsals as regular activities quieten down during the long school holiday.

I try to actively embrace this time enjoying the fact that for five weeks I have an additional free evening! My advice is not to let these evenings pass unnoticed, make the most of them. For me, it's Thursdays but whatever day of the week you have free for a while, here are some fun ideas to fill the time:

Relax, relax, relax...

The constant rehearsal routine can be quite exhausting particularly towards the end of term. Indulge yourself with a soak in the bath and put on some music that you love (this doesn't have to be prospective repertoire for the choir; in fact I'd encourage it not to be). Take time to get back to the music you love and enjoy listening to it. One of the dangers of working in music is that you stop listening to it for pleasure.

Head out for a special evening

Why not enjoy a rehearsal evening out on the town for a change? Grab your partner or a group of friends and head out to a nice restaurant or perhaps the cinema or theatre. Something special that you normally would not be able to do on that evening.

Play games

Don't knock it until you try it, a good old games evening can be lots of fun. Cards, board games, quizzes whatever takes your fancy. Round up some friends or perhaps some other local choir leaders if you know them. Don't forget some nibbles and non-descript backing music which will help avoid the conversation turning to possible repertoire for the choir!

A night away

Why not go all out and book a night away on what is usually your rehearsal evening? This doesn't need to be extravagant, the simple act of getting away from it all even for just a night can be a great break. Time away gives you a chance to re-energise, re-focus and feel refreshed for the new term ahead.

My overall message is to make sure you really appreciate your time off, however long or short that is. We work hard when we're leading a choir, and we deserve some down time now and then.
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