Going solo with your choir

While I must confess I haven't done this in a while, I was reminded last weekend at our village music festival of how much fun it can be when a choir leader takes a solo. One of our local choir leaders sang with her choir backing her and it was brilliant. The crowd loved it and clearly so did the singers in the choir.

Something different

I think for those of us choir leaders who are also singers, performing a solo can be a great exercise for the choir for a number of reasons. However, I must clearly state at this point that there is a difference between taking the occasional solo and taking them all, so try not to get carried away!

Set an example

Firstly, singing a solo shows your choir that you are not afraid to give it a go and put yourself in their shoes; actively taking part in performing to an audience. Part of our role as a choir leader is to inspire our singers and I think your choir will feel proud to see you taking centre stage for a solo. They will do their absolute best to support you with their backing parts for the song. They may also be more tempted themselves to try out for a solo next time one is available.

Bond with your choir

Taking part in the performance can also help to strengthen the bond you share with your choir. It cements the notion that you are part of them and are happy and proud to perform with them.

Get some inspiration

For you singing a solo can be a breath of fresh air. As a conductor with a passion for singing, being the one who stays quiet when everyone else is belting out upbeat pop songs can prove a little frustrating at times so getting the chance to get up and sing out can be very rewarding. There is also an element of satisfaction as you demonstrate to your choir and audience your abilities which will further strengthen your choir leader reputation.

If you have sung with your choir or are thinking of doing so we'd love to hear from you about your thoughts and experiences.
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