Are you ready to be a better choir leader?

You're leading a choir, or you're about to, and you feel untrained and lacking confidence. We know what it's like - we've been there!

Total Choir Resources is here to help new and inexperienced choir leaders get the skills and confidence they need to lead theirs choirs to the very best of their ability.

What our followers say about us

Thank you so much for your fantastic website, as this has been one of my main sources of inspiration.

Pauline, UK

My compliments to you and Christine for your site and resources. I'm fairly new to conducting having 'fallen into' the role after being a long term singer in our choir. I've found your resources extremely helpful and enjoy the podcasts.

Pam, New Zealand

Thank you so much for going to the trouble to share your expertise with total novices like myself, with no musical training to speak of. It is very much appreciated and will be a great help in building up my confidence and therefore my choir’s.

Anna, Cadiz, Spain

Our journey

We were working long hours in jobs that didn’t inspire us – squeezing our musical careers into the gaps between other commitments. We wanted to be choir leaders, to create choirs that inspired and motivated singers to make wonderful music, but we didn’t know how to go about it.

We were competent musicians, but neither of us had been to music college. We felt like imposters! But we knew what we wanted to do and we were determined to make it work. We’ve created inspiring and successful choirs through hard work and experimentation. We’re not the world’s greatest musicians, and we’d never describe ourselves as 'experts', but we’ve developed the leadership and musicianship skills that enable us to lead our choirs with confidence and real enjoyment.

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How we can help


Online courses

Covering all the essential skills you need to build your confidence as a choir leader, from basic conducting technique to planning rehearsals keeping your choir on track.



Our instantly downloadable ebooks cover the kind of nuts and bolts knowledge that will help you create a happy choir that has fun and sounds amazing!


Downloadable music

We've turned the process of finding music for your choir on its head. Great music, instantly available, and the best bit is that you can print as many copies as you need!


Free help and advice

There's a wealth of free posts and podcasts always available to you at Total Choir Resources. Join the community and we'll send you the best tips and advice every week.

Need inspiration?

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Total Choir Resources is a trading name of Total Voice Ltd, a UK company dedicated to helping choir leaders all over the world build their skills and confidence. Its directors are Victoria Hopkins and Christine Mulgrew

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