#181 Creating a fun and fulfilling ‘virtual choir party’ – with Charlie Adams and Megan Allen

In this episode, we have great pleasure in welcoming back New York-based Charlie Adams and  to the podcast. Charlie set up the New York Choir Project in 2012 and with her team of choir leaders, including Megan Allen who is also here with us today, delivers singing opportunities to organisations across New York City. 

They are amazing and inspiring choir leaders with tons of energy and passion for what they do. We talk about how they’ve been coping during the pandemic and the virtual choir project that they’d love you to try out.

Want to relax and sing? Want to know what your online sessions feel like for your choir members? Why not join New York Choir Project’s Virtual Choir Party

What we talked to Charlie and Megan about:

  • What are things like in New York at the moment?
  • Tell us about the New York Choir Project. What did a typical week look like for you before lockdown?
  • How have things changed? Tell us about your new online choir project.
  • What’s a ‘virtual tip jar’?
  • What are your hopes for the project and opening the project up beyond the city?
  • You’d like to welcome our listeners along – where can they find out more?
  • We love your vocal jams which are going to be available for members for a limited time only. How did they come about?
  • What are your hopes for the future of the New York Choir Project? Have they changed with lockdown? What will you take forward and what might you leave behind?

Key quotes:

“When I started my first choir … people thought it was weird!”

“[With Virtual Choir Party], we can get together with people from across the world and sing together and there’s something really fun to celebrate in that.”

“For us, warm-ups are about getting the energy going – to get everyone in the mood.”

“We want to use this platform, our choirs, to actively make change and work towards equality.”

Comments on #181 Creating a fun and fulfilling ‘virtual choir party’ – with Charlie Adams and Megan Allen

  1. Avatar Juanita Cucinotta says:

    I love this idea of joining in with choirs from around the world! I missed last Thursday so hope to join this Thursday. And I am so looking forward to hearing all about the vocal jam idea! Sounds great! Thank you for this inspiring interview!

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      You’re welcome Juanita. We’ll be sending the first vocal jam to members today!

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