#180 How to take care of yourself and look towards a positive choir-leading future

In this episode, we’re talking about self care and looking to a positive future, two things which we think are so important right now during this pandemic.

Lockdown is strange and it affects us all differently. Sometimes it feels hard, other times it feels like we’ve found a simpler, even quite relaxing, way of life and other times we feel stuck. For some of us it means everyone is home all the time and for others who are key workers or live with key workers it means going out to work. All these things have an effect on how we feel and it’s important we’re intentional about our self care and emotional wellbeing.

As choir leaders we’ve had to make big changes and many of us are now creating an offering for our choirs online whether that’s in the form of a rehearsal or just a get together. For some of us that hasn’t been possible. At this time we have to do what’s right for us, what feels right and what we can manage.

That said we are choir leaders and keeping that identity and connection alive with our singers, we believe can have a massively positive impact both on our mental health.

Essential learning points:

  • What does self care look like for you?
  • How can we tend to our mindset?
  • How can we deal with uncertainty about the future of our choir and what it will look like?
  • What does the future look like – what’s my vision for my choir and myself?
  • What didn’t work, what changes might I make?
  • What used to seem a drag but really wasn’t so bad?
  • What did I love – I’ll do more of that!
  • Be rest assured – people will want to sing, your choir has a future.

Key quotes:

“We’re so much better at what we do when we give ourselves some ‘headspace’.”

“We don’t need to feel apologetic about what we’re offering our choirs.”

“It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re not feeling okay on any given day.”

“What lights you up? Let’s do more of that!”

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