#179 Get the party started with an online choir social

After weeks of lockdown for many of us Zoom or other online sessions with our choirs have become the norm. We’re getting settled in, getting tech savvy and seeing the value in showing up for our singers during the pandemic.

But if socialising, as well as rehearsing and performing, are part of your choir’s culture, you may be feeling at a loss about how to keep things going online. Keen not to miss out on the party side of things, we decided to take the plunge and arrange our first online Creative Showcase.

Today we’ll walk you through how we did this step by step, tell you what happened and also discuss some options and ideas you could try.

Essential learning points:

  • The premise – how we came up with our idea and shaped it into an event that would work online.
  • Giving notice – how and when we advertised it to our singers.
  • Keeping it simple – times are hectic and busy already so we didn’t want this to take hours of planning – in many ways much simpler online!
  • Lining up the acts for our showcase!
  • Showing our own vulnerability – yep, we didn’t do the obvious!
  • How it all went down.
  • Other ideas for you 

Key quotes:

“What we’ve discovered over the weeks is that the ‘small talk’ is the most important part of our online sessions.”

“As choir leaders, we are control freaks!”

“From a purely selfish perspective, it was a very simple structure for us to organise and deliver.”

“Zoom is a curiously intense experience.”

“It was so much fun, and it brought us that feeling of community and togetherness.”

Comments on #179 Get the party started with an online choir social

  1. Avatar Peter Millar says:

    G,Day from W A, We have had a few zoom singalongs with some members providing own background music and some acapella, we select a theme each week and are getting more familiar with the setup and time delay in sound, we get to sing a couple of songs each so with with 8 – 10 of us it fills the timeslot nicely, a few members are a bit worried about going out into public areas just yet so I think the zooming might go on for a while longer, I am working on the reaper daw and use extended video via hdmi cable to a larger screen, I have this set up on a desk on a variable height stand and find it a more comfortable position to work and zoom on.

    All the best


    1. Christine Mulgrew Christine Mulgrew says:

      Hi Peter,

      Lovely to hear from you and find out about your online sessions with your choir. I love the idea of themed sessions, must be fun for everyone. How lucky we all are to have the option for online sessions whilst we wait to be able to meet again. Like you say, this is something that can be continued if singers are uncertain about a return even when it’s possible.

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