#174 Small is beautiful! The benefits of community performances for your choir

It’s great to give our choirs big, exciting projects, but in this episode, we’re extolling the wonders of small, lower-key  performances for your choir.

Arranging small performances for our choirs within our local community such as in care homes, hospitals or for charity groups can be rewarding for all involved.

The key to these performances is keeping them small, perhaps only taking a few of your singers. Using current repertoire, mixed in with some tried and tested warm-ups and rounds, can be a really fun way to create an entertaining event without the need for hours of additional rehearsals.

Essential learning points:

  • How much space is comfortably available? Limit your numbers and ensure you have an even spread across the parts.
  • Use current repertoire but ensure you select pieces that are appropriate for the audience.
  • Add in some fun warm-ups to the programme that can encourage audience participation. Bring them into the life of the choir.
  • Consider using some percussion if you have it and letting audience members have a go.
  • Don’t draw the performance out too long. People might not be able to sit or focus for long periods of time. We usually do no more than 30 minutes.
  • Discuss joining the audience for refreshments at the end with the organiser. This can be a great way for the choir members to interact with members of the community.

Key quotes:

‘It’s not just about the performance; it’s about the interaction’

‘Add in some fun items that encourage audience participation’

‘That’s what community’s about’

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