#172 How to shake up your favourite choir warm-ups

We all have favourite warm-ups that we know our choirs enjoy and that help them to relax and get ready to sing. But those favourites can get a bit stale, so in this episode, we’ll look at how to give a twist to your warm-ups to keep them fresh and engaging.

We’ll look at some of the key types of warm-ups and the kind of variations you can add to keep your singers on their toes.

Essential learning points:

  • A simple stretch is always a great way to begin a rehearsal because it helps singers to focus and relax. Find ways of introducing different movements and having fun so that your singers will learn to expect the unexpected.
  • Breathing. There are so many ways to practise breathing with your singers from soft relaxed inhales and exhales to short, sharp pulses and counting.
  • The humble scale – change up the sounds, rhythm or dynamics; work in harmony or contrary motion. There are endless possibilities.
  • Chords. Create triads and other harmonies. Add semitone changes and different dynamics.
  • Rockin’ rounds – these are a great way to help your singers learn to hold a simple part against another. By mixing up, adding movement and changing dynamics you can work on a whole host of team-building.

Key quotes:-

“Everyone comes in and they’re all a bit fizzy”

“We don’t want to go full aerobic!”

“It’s a great way to get people to stop talking”

“It’s a part of choir where I feel I can be quite creative”

“I’m glad we did this podcast – I’ve got something new to try now”

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