#166 What to do when a choir member leaves

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  1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

    Thanks Lisa. One of the big reasons we started TCR is because we know that most choir leaders work alone. It’s always great to get the reassurance of knowing that you’re on the right lines.

  2. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

    Hi Shirley. You make a great point about telling departing choir members how much they are valued.

  3. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

    Thanks for your kind comment Ashton. It really means a lot to us.

  4. Avatar Ashton W McMaster says:

    Thanks for this #166 What to do when a choir member leaves podcast. It was extremely well-done and very informative and sensitive with great and positive advice. I save all of your emails and feel that I have a good connection out there as you say, we spend so much of our time working alone! You reinforced what my own thoughts were/are and I don’t feel so badly after all! I really appreciate your very interesting topics! Ashton

  5. Good advice and I’m relieved that I’ve been following your tips! I have just about learned how to accept that people leave without feeling it was my fault; I am now sad that they are going but as you say, always leave the door open and am sure to tell them how much they were valued. I know that this is exactly what I’d like to hear should it be me in their position. I think the most important point you made was the reminder that for the singer, it is a hobby and therefore not to be affronted if they choose to stop.

  6. Avatar Lisa Strong says:

    Love this blog. Thanks ladies. So nice to not feel alone in these issues.

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