#150 Reaching goals and celebrating milestones – a story of choir leaders


This is episode 150! Today we look at how we’ve evolved as choir leaders and how we use that experience to help other choir leaders every day.


    Victoria Hopkins

    Victoria is a founder and director of Total Choir Resources. She leads Total Voice Chamber Choir in the UK.

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    Jenny Smith - 3 weeks ago Reply

    Hi Victoria,
    I have just listened to your 150th podcast and it is such a connection to hear you discussing issues that keep me awake at night. This is helpful. I lead a 25 member group in a coastal village in Australia. The majority are retirees so hips knees and cataracts can get in the way of attendance. I have however discovered the reliability of the mature voice.
    Thanks for your resources they keep me on track.


      Christine Mulgrew
      Christine Mulgrew - a couple of weeks ago Reply

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for your lovely message, we’re so pleased you enjoyed the podcast and our resources. It’s always our aim to help other choir leaders understand they’re not alone in all the various things they face running choirs. I hope we can help you to sleep at night!! :)

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