#147 Creating the perfect pre-performance process for your choir

In this episode, we take you step by step through all the issues you need to address in the run-up to a performance with your choir.

We’ll admit we love this topic and we love being organised!

As a choir-leader there is so much going on for you on performance day and we believe that by being organised you can avoid unwelcome surprises or issues which pop up that could have been sorted in the planning process. Who needs that on top of conducting, keeping your singers happy and welcoming an audience?!

We take a look at:

  • The performance confirmation process
  • Negotiating fees
  • Keeping your singers in the loop
  • Visiting the venue for a full planning session
  • Recruiting helpers
  • Creating positive relationships with sound engineers
  • Planning your rehearsal season
  • Creating an event sheet
  • Communicating details to your choir

In addition to accompany this episode,¬†we’re giving away our Performance Venue Checklist, which is usually only available to our members.

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