#146 What does it take to become a professional choir leader?

This episode is all about what it means to be a professional choir leader.

With the amazing and diverse range of choirs we are now fortunate to have in our towns, cities and communities, there’s no one exam that fits all which choir leaders must take before they can call themselves professionals!

Often as being in a choir is a hobby for it’s members, a choir leader can get viewed or view themselves in this ‘just a hobby’ way too. Of course, many choir leaders have other jobs in addition to running choirs but that doesn’t mean that they’re not professional. Similarly many choir leaders run their choir as their main professional career. Whichever you are, we bet you’re more of a professional than you dare to think you are!

You’ll hear us discuss the importance of:

  • Calling yourself a choir leader
  • Getting into a positive mindset, thinking like a professional and banishing Imposter Syndrome!
  • Your own personal development and how it helps grow confidence
  • Not being ashamed to charge for your time and create your business
  • How you can develop yourself and your choir by seeking out opportunities
  • Understanding the rules of ‘perfection’!

We love our jobs as choir leaders and we want you to love yours too. That’s why we created Total Choir Resources and as you grow and develop we’ve got your back with tons of free advice and help.

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