#145 How tech can make your choir-leading life that little bit easier

Love it or loathe, it tech is a part of modern life and we want to persuade you that a little tech can go a long way when running your choir.

In this episode we give you the low-down on some simple tech that can help you ensure your choir leading life is organised, easy to maintain and streamlined.

We’ve tried and tested many things over the years and we can hand on heart say that these suggestions do work and do prove helpful.

We cover six main areas of tech and talk about how and why they can benefit you:

  • The best email systems for communicating with your singers
  • How to streamline information so that you’re not answering the same questions over and over again!
  • The benefits of having an online payment system
  • Great programmes for making rehearsal tracks
  • What you need to consider when using a sound system at rehearsals and or microphone
  • Handy apps you can have to help you out

So it’s time to get tech-savvy and use this to your advantage! We’d love to hear your thoughts and find out what tech you find helpful. You can let us know here in the show comments section below.

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