#143 FROM THE VAULT: How to get your head around running a choir business

Comments on #143 FROM THE VAULT: How to get your head around running a choir business

  1. I found this very useful and reassuring because my husband and I are in the process of setting up a choir business. I already direct a community choir where the members pay just £3 per session and it has gone so well in the last couple of years that we now have around 130 members. We run this as a non-profit choir, I get paid for directing it and we also pay an accompanist but the rehearsal venue is free and we have a couple of great volunteers who deal with the administration. However, we are planning to set up more choirs and are starting our first one in January. We will have to charge a greater fee as the admin is going to take hours of work and we have to buy equipment and hire the hall etc. It is taking me a while to get from the mindset of a non-profit choir to starting a choir as a business. Reading forums where people complain about paying a fee for being in a community choir doesn’t help but certainly compared with exercise/dance classes etc. we will actually offer better value for money. Thanks for the podcast!

    1. Avatar Victoria Hopkins says:

      You’re welcome Jo. Best of luck with your new venture. I wouldn’t worry at all about people who moan about paying to be in a choir – they’re not your people. You’ll find plenty of folk who love what you do and think it’s incredible value for money. If you want more information about the business side of running choirs, check out our membership, Community Choir Professionals, at communitychoirpro.com. All the best.

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