Introducing Choir Leader Academy

When I started out as a choir leader, I was completely at sea! I had sung in choirs for many years, but had only a tiny amount of experience as a conductor. I had a good track record as a lawyer, including advocacy, training and public speaking, but that was all in a professional context […]

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How to choose a theme for your choir concert

As your choir grows and develops, you may have the opportunity to stage a concert yourselves and be wholly in charge of its style and content. There can be significant benefits to choosing a theme that will tie all the content together. I’m not suggesting that every concert you do has to have a theme, […]

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What choir leader training did for me

It’s three years now since I undertook my choral conducting course. Living on the south coast of England, I was lucky enough to be in easy travelling distance of London, which meant that I could undertake the Association of British Choral Directors’ intermediate course. Starting out I was just starting out with my choir and […]

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Playing with choir formations

When we rehearse choirs week in, week out, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Everyone sits in the same place and gets used to hearing the same voices in their ears. Some will come to depend on having those voices near to them. Even if you have no intention of performing in any different […]

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How to choose repertoire that suits your choir

Choir leaders are music lovers. When it comes to selecting repertoire, it can be very easy to get carried away. There’s nothing wrong with making ambitious choices, but the music you choose has to suit your choir. Here are some questions to keep in mind. What sort of choir do you lead? Singers join a choir because they […]

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