Does your choir need a code of conduct?

The majority of people who sing in choirs do so for the fun and fulfilment of making music in a group. It’s a break from the rules and routines of day to day life.  How can we strike a balance between requiring an appropriate standard of behaviour from our choirs and making sure that everyone’s […]

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CHOIR VIEW: Hallelujah! Clown Choir

In the latest of our occasional ‘Choir View’ series, we meet a very unusual choir from Ireland, led by rehearsal director Louise Foxe. Tell us a bit about your choir and how you came to lead it. My cousin’s boyfriend told me about a ‘clown choir’ starting up in a theatre near where I live […]

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The awesome benefits of mixing up voices in your choir

Unless your choir spends all its time singing in unison, you’ll have some sections or voice parts to which your choir members usually belong. Perhaps your choir is SATB, SAA, TTB or any other of the numerous combinations available. You may have noticed that in any group of people subdivided into smaller groups, interesting patterns […]

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