A note to our EU followers

Because of some quite bonkers new EU sales tax regulations, on 1 January 2015 small online businesses like Total Choir Resources will have to either stop selling digital products within the EU or register for sales tax in each of the 28 member states. Yes, you read that correctly. If we want to continue to […]

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The benefits of relaxation for you and your choir

At the beginning of a busy choir rehearsal as everyone arrives, the notion of relaxation can seem far away. However, I think it’s vital to encourage relaxation in your choir. Here’s why. Focus Your choir will find it difficult to focus and concentrate if they’re excited and chatty. Some short relaxation exercises at the beginning […]

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REVIEW: Mark O’Leary’s Sight Singing School

Sight-singing is something that strikes fear into the hearts of even very experienced singers. It’s so different from instrumental sightreading – if I hit a ‘D” key on the piano, a D comes out. I could sightread an entire piano piece without identifying any of the intervals involved. Not so sight-singing. A confident and instinctive ability […]

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Does your choir need a waiting list?

Running a successful choir is massively rewarding. Seeing new singers come though the door, particularly in the early stages of the choir, is a huge boost to your confidence as a choir leader. If you run your choir as a business, new members also mean increased revenue and stability. However, have you ever considered the […]

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