How to be a choir leader in your spare time

If you’re leading a choir, it’s quite likely that it isn’t your only job. You may have a ‘day job’, be bringing up a family or dealing with any number of other commitments. Spare time can feel like a fantasy as you frantically try to juggle your weekly activities. However, with a little planning, running […]

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What makes a great choir leader?

You could be forgiven for thinking that being a choir leader is mainly about musical ability. While that’s pretty high up on the scale, there are many other skills and attributes required to be a great choir leader. Here are my top five which will get you on the road to success. Good communicator Communication is a key quality in building […]

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Introducing Choir Leader Academy

When I started out as a choir leader, I was completely at sea! I had sung in choirs for many years, but had only a tiny amount of experience as a conductor. I had a good track record as a lawyer, including advocacy, training and public speaking, but that was all in a professional context […]

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How to choose a theme for your choir concert

As your choir grows and develops, you may have the opportunity to stage a concert yourselves and be wholly in charge of its style and content. There can be significant benefits to choosing a theme that will tie all the content together. I’m not suggesting that every concert you do has to have a theme, […]

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