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Welcome! If you’re a choral conductor, choir manager or both, this is the place for you.
We are Victoria & Christine, choir leaders from the UK. We’ve created this website to help choir leaders plan their rehearsals, improve their conducting skills, manage their choirs and get the most out of doing the best job in the world.


How to encourage your choir to sing with emotion

With our contemporary and chamber choirs, we spend a lot of time learning our repertoire thoroughly. We also spend a lot of time focusing on the physical aspects of technique – posture, diction, facial expression, breathing. Occasionally, I think that with all the focus on the detail of rehearsal and performance, we can lose the essential, […]

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When it all comes together for your choir

Following a fantastic weekend at our local music festival for my and Victoria’s Total Voice choirs, I thought this week would be a great chance to reflect on how it feels when everything comes together for a successful performance and to remind ourselves of why we do it all in the first place. As you […]

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