When your choir doesn’t ‘get’ warm-ups

In your work as a choir leader, you may have come across singers who just don’t ‘get’ the point of warm-ups. You’ll see them skulking at the back of the choir, mumbling their way through the exercises you’ve carefully chosen for a rehearsal. If you get the chance to chat to these people, they’ll say […]

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What is audiation?

A little while ago, someone asked me what ‘audiation’ meant and even though I felt like I knew, I struggled to give a definition that made sense. Irritated by my ignorance, I scurried off to learn more and found this highly articulate article on the Total Music Education blog (no relation!) that really hit the […]

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Creating a balanced warm-up session for your choir

Adding a good warm-up session at the beginning of your rehearsal can really help to focus your singers. By creating a well balanced selection of exercises you will ensure variety as well as working on different skills which will help your singers develop their voices and also improve on aspects of repertoire. Warm ups are […]

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