Take part in Gareth Malone’s latest project

We were contacted last week by Sam Wilson, an assistant producer from TwentyTwenty, the television production company that’s making Gareth Malone’s latest show. You can see details on the flyer below. It’s aimed at a cappella groups in the UK. In addition to scouting for groups to take part in the competition, the producers are also […]

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What’s the point of score preparation?

We all know that most of our work as choir leaders is done outside the rehearsal room (something our choirs sometimes don’t appreciate). Whether you’re a conductor or conductor/manager, you probably have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm. One of the tasks you may find yourself neglecting is score study. With all […]

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Choir leaders – do you practise what you preach?

I woke up yesterday morning with sore ribs. It was the kind of soreness that you get from doing something strenuous, like carrying heavy shopping. I racked my brains. I hadn’t lifted anything particularly heavy in the preceding 24 hours, so what had caused the strain? Then I realised – it was from conducting my […]

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