When choir rehearsals don’t go to plan – Part 1

We’ve talked extensively about the importance of planning rehearsals for your choir. Not only does it ensure that you look professional and feel prepared, it also helps you to cover repertoire in ample time for a performance. However, it’s inevitable that sometimes things won’t go to plan. What do you do when problems or distractions arise? In the first […]

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Smooth sailing

Plan ahead for a smooth rehearsal season

Planning a rehearsal season can be a daunting task. You might have new repertoire to learn, existing repertoire to maintain and various performances and events to stay on top of. Here are a few helpful tips to keep everything in perspective. 1. Avoid ‘traffic jams’ If you’re lucky enough to receive lots of invitations for […]

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Freshen up your choir warm-ups

Coming up with ideas for choir warm-ups week after week can be something of a challenge. You want your choir to develop their singing skills, and repetition is a necessary part of that, but if you find your singers doing warm-ups before you’ve even instructed them too, maybe things are getting a little predictable! So how can you ensure […]

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Theory into practice text on a blackboard

3 great ways to put your score study into practice

Every choir leader knows how important score preparation is. We can’t effectively rehearse and perform music with our choirs if we don’t understand it ourselves. But what should we do with our new-found knowledge? Here are my top three tips for putting theory into practice. 1. Create a teaching plan Once you’ve picked apart a piece […]

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Daring to do something different

I love it when a performance teaches me something, especially when it’s something really positive that can improve my choir’s performance. On Saturday evening our choirs took part in a concert that Victoria and I organised in aid of a local charity. We decided to try out a new formation for our contemporary choir. My choir has […]

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